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Camp Dragonfly FALL 2017

One young man shared “the camp really made a difference for me. It helped me start to heal my heart.”

Camp Dragonfly is a community-based grief camp for children who have suffered the death of a loved one.  Camp staff members are dedicated to assisting children on their journey toward healing within a therapeutic, safe, caring environment.


WHEN:                FALL 2017 – October 20-22, 2017

WHO:                  Children, 8-12 years of age, who have experienced a significant loss in the past.

WHERE:            All Saints Camp — Pottsboro, TX

COST:                 $25, with scholarships available

DEADLINE:      Application deadline for the Fall Session is October 13, 2017

STAFF:               Camp Dragonfly Director – Nancy Jackson

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:    Nancy at 903-868-9315 or email

  •    All Volunteers and staff are screened and trained for the camp
  •    Lead personnel are available for interviews

If you need support before the camp, please call us at 903-868-9315

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WHY do we offer the camp? 

  • 1 in 20 children under age 15 will lose a parent
  • Children react differently than adults
  • Serious behavior and emotional problems may arise
  • Affordable help is available at grief camp

Camp Overview

With campers from the Texoma area all with a story of loss and struggling to deal with their grief.
Starting on Friday, the children meet with counselors and begin activities to help them learn new coping skills for their loss. From special games to body mapping, they begin to hear each other’s story and learn that others feel the same way. Saturday has them going on outdoor adventures, writing letters to their loved ones, creating memories with various activities and taking part in the sharing together! After dinner, they all gathered around the campfire and support each other’s experiences before they cap it off with smores over the fire. 
Sunday they continue working on building trust through walks in the woods and special games to cap off their learning. While the children are on the trail, parents and guardians meet with counselors for a debrief and grief support session. The camp experience ends with family lunch and a special presentation to the campers.
“Camp Dragonfly helped me to remember my grandpa and I know he will always be with me.” —  10 yr old camper
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This grief camp has been created for the benefit of children & adolescents who have suffered the loss of a significant person in their life through death.  It has been noted that children and adolescents are ‘the forgotten mourners.’  They often feel isolated by their loss, thinking no one really understands; that is, until they arrive at camp.  Camp Dragonfly helps them find their voice again, confront their loss, and know that they can move forward as they begin to heal. Camp Dragonfly is designed to provide a safe, therapeutic environment that combines remembering exercises with outdoor activities all interwoven to parallel the campers finding their way to no longer feeling alone.  Parents are provided not only with information and resources but with insight on their child, the grief they are experiencing and guidance on how to help them move forward.