Church Resources

We know that guiding your church members through tough questions and the pain that comes from dealing with a loss or serious illness can sometimes be uncomfortable and even overwhelming.  Let us be a resource for you.  If you just want to call with a question or if you have a member who needs to talk to an experienced counselor, we can help.  We offer several resources to support you in the work you do.


Do you have a member that has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and may need hospice care?  Visit our Patient Care Page to learn more about the benefits of hospice care.  Remember, we provide our services to anyone, regardless of ability to pay.


Do you have a member of your church that has lost a loved one and is struggling to work through their grief?  Visit our Grief Support Page to learn about support groups and the opportunity for them to meet individually with specially trained counselors.


Do you have members in your church that are caring for a loved one and need extra support and someone to understand what they are going through?  Visit our Support Groups and Workshops Page to learn about our Caregiver Support Group.


Do you have a child in your church that is struggling with grief after losing a loved one?  Visit our Camp Dragonfly Page to learn about a chance for them to have fun, work through some of their feelings with a trained counselor, and to meet other kids who have experienced similar loss.


Are you a youth pastor that is looking for a program that can support the teens in your group that are dealing with the loss of a loved one or close friend?  Contact our Bereavement Coordinator, Jerryd Wallace, at 903-868-9315 for guidance on a case-by-case basis.


Is your church clergy staff or eldership looking for some guidance and training on how to support members at the end of life or how to encourage members who are dealing with grief?  Visit our Educational Programs Page for information about the training we provide for clergymen and lay leaders.


Is your church looking for a way to help the community?  Visit our Volunteer Programs Page to see all the different ways to volunteer for Home Hospice.


Are you looking for a speaker or a program to present to your congregation or in the community?  Visit our Educational Programs Page and learn about the speakers and programs we present in our community.  Most programs can be customized for your needs as well.


Have you ever been faced with questions about grief and death that you found hard to answer?  Here are a few links that may help you with some of those tough answers.