Grief Support

Why Grief Support?

Why not?


Why should you choose to go down this rocky, uneven path on your own. You’ve lost someone significant in your life, you’re surrounded by “experts” who seem to know exactly what you should do and you’ve been given a timeline by society. Let’s be honest although most of the “experts” in your life have good intentions they really have no idea what you are experiencing. As for the timeline, that will only set you up for disappointment as you are faced with grief each day.


What the “experts” don’t know is that grief comes with no guidelines, no set rules and definitely, no timeline. We each grieve in our own unique way; however, recognizing there are similarities that are shared. Certainly, the thought of a group can be overwhelming or even daunting, but when you take that chance to surround yourself with those that ‘get it,’ you may be pleasantly surprised or relieved that you are not alone.


See our list of support groups and upcoming workshops here


We, at Home Hospice encourage you to take that leap, come to a group, reach out for the support that is here, available to you and your family. If you’re not ready for a group then consider individual counseling with our Bereavement Team.

We’re here to help you through this difficult time. Give us a call at 903-868-9315 or 940-665-9891. Or if you prefer, email us at

– Always here for you.