Mission And Vision


We are dedicated to providing the best care and support to enhance the quality of life of our Patients and their families.



We envision a community where everyone facing serious illness and loss will experience the best possible Quality of Life.


Core Values


Excellence  –  We are meticulous about ensuring the highest quality of care for every patient and every family.
Trust – We adhere to strict confidentiality policies, maintaining the greatest respect for patient privacy.
Integrity – We act with intention and transparency, reflecting the honesty, commitment and accuracy every patient deserves.
Compassion  –  We take our responsibility seriously, providing the finest care with thoughtful adherence to every detail.
Stewardship  –  We serve our patients, their families, and the community with accountability, gratitude and efficient use of resources.


Just because days are limited, quality of life shouldn’t be.

We help patients and families find comfort and peace. Surprisingly, perhaps, there are still opportunities to experience joy. Let us be of assistance during this time, when every moment is more precious than ever.
It’s natural for many, including patients and families to have questions, concerns  –  even fears about the days ahead. A great truth we often ignore is that we all will face death. Still, the news of a life-limiting condition often comes as a surprise. Just as life is about choices, in many instances, so is death. Patients, and ultimately many of us, are faced with how to live out remaining days  –  what endeavors are most critical, what treatment options are desired, what issues need resolving?
An important part of hospice is that our patients direct their care. You are in control of many decisions that affect how you wish to live. Working with your own family physician, our team  –  physicians and nurses, clergy, social workers, aides, trained volunteers  –  surround you with support. We offer services and programs that not only help physically, but often bring a smile.
Home Hospice has served this area as a nonprofit organization since 1982 when a group of forward-thinking volunteers joined together to minister to the needs of dying patients and their families. Today, staff and volunteers live nearby, ensuring rapid responses and the thoughtful care neighbors have traditionally provided.