Who is eligible?

Hospice services are an option when curative measures are no longer available or desired.  Of course, determining life expectancy – even during the course of a serious illness – may be difficult.  Specific medical criteria serve as a guideline, but physicians are encouraged to consider all health problems and related factors when determining a patient’s eligibility for hospice.


Home Hospice offers care to any Grayson, Cooke or Fannin County resident of any age who is eligible due to a limited life expectancy, regardless of their ability to pay for services.  If you, a family member, or friend have a serious or terminal illness, please talk with your physician about hospice eligibility.Call our office to discuss your specific situation to see if hospice care is a good choice for you – 903-868-9315. If you would like to read the Medicare criteria for hospice, follow the link to their guide: www.medicare.gov/Publications/Pubs/pdf/02154.pdf


“Home Hospice of Grayson County came to us shortly before my mother passed away.  The quality of her last days was immeasurably improved by Home Hospice.”