Home Hospice Board of Directors

Amy George, President
Becky Frank, President-Elect
Virginia O’Hanlon, Treasurer and Immediate Past President
Jane Dudley, Secretary
Gail Buchanan
Terry Crow
Tim Harkins
Jimmy Harrell, M.D.
Peggy Hoover
Tohnie Hynds, JD
Jim Nicholson
Roger Osterhout
David Stone 
Susie Viars
Nita Boardman, Ex-Officio Member, Auxiliary President – Cooke County
Ruth Summers, Ex-Officio Member, Auxiliary President – Grayson County 


Home Hospice Management Staff

Tina L Garner, CPA       Executive Director / Finance

Tina L. Garner received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Management, with honors, from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She obtained her Certified Public Accountant license in 1987. She joined the staff of Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke and Fannin Counties in 2008 where she served as Vice President of Finance and Administration.
Nancy L Jackson, MBA, EDFP       Director of Community Development 
Peggy Lane, RN                                     Patient Care Manager
Barb Samuelson, CVA                     Volunteer and Program Manager
Paula Youree                                       Business Office Manager

Home Hospice Medical Services Team

Dale Davies, MD, Associate Medical Director
Kevin Stacks, MD, Associate Medical Director
Ronald VanBuskirk, MD, Medical Director
Kathy Dolman, RN, ACNP, Nurse Practitioner

Home Hospice Advisory Council

Gerri Bandemir
Donna Bedgood
Avo Butler, JD
Joan Douglass
Jean Flick, RN
Lyn Jostes
Tom Kyle
Charles Phelps II, MD
Jenny Reynolds
Tammy Roque, MD
Howard Starr, PhD
Betty Stephens
Janis Thompson
Mark Tooley
Jim Walker

Home Hospice Cooke County Advisory Council

Jan Thies, President
Gail Buchanan, President Elect
Patty Bowden, Secretary
Maggie Aune
Joe Bigley
Sue Carr
Jane Dudley
John Hare
Mary Lou Johnson
Kirk Klement
Ramona Rauschuber
Bernice Sicking